location: Denver, CO


SCOPE: Environmental Graphics + Art + Branding Integration

Project description

Yes! Communities is an organization that builds affordable manufactured housing in low-income areas to provide safety and belonging. When updating their corporate headquarters, they wanted to continue to infuse their values in their own local space. The scope includes signage, glass graphics, and more than 10 feature elements to bring the brand to life.

Project insights

Yes! Wanted to create areas that honored and engaged with their employees and teams. Throughout the space, we created interactive and welcoming moments that had a residential feel. A community tree to lounge beneath, a family style timeline wall, and interactive puzzles are just the beginning of this amazing space.

Jamie's project pride

The interactive gear wall was such a fun, new way for us to bring a team value to life. The phrase “We Make It Work” is laid across 34 moveable gears of varying sizes, however, the assembly is built in three sections to reinforce the idea that a team must work together to tackle a challenge, they must work in unison to solve the puzzle.