location: Denver, CO

Size: 30,000 SF

Scope: Environmental Graphics, Art, Signage, Wayfinding, Brand Integration, and Donor Recognition

Project description

Rocky Mountain Public Media’s new Denver office is all about engaging with and acknowledging the local community. We designed signage and graphics that help guide visitors to key community spaces and performance halls while acknowledging the donors that were fundamental to the success of the project.

Project insights

Personal touches from the Denver and RMPM community can been seen throughout the space through custom soundwave graphics of donor voices, interactive employee recognition walls, and unique signage for community areas.

Jamie’s project pride

Rocky Mountain Public Media’s involvement in the community is a huge part of their identity and values. While designing the 2-story donor wall, it was important to represent the woven community RMPM has created in a way that complimented the architecture and gave donors the appropriate recognition. I love the use of colorful paracord and how it intertwines down the expanse of the wall. The sheer scale of the installation provides endless viewing opportunities while the installation of the paracord allows for delicate form but highly saturated color.