SIZE: 21,000 SF HQ

SCOPE: Environmental Graphics + Art

Environmental Graphics + Art

Since JLL has offices all over the country, it was important to the JLL team that their Denver office design highlighted the special nature of Colorado Culture. Incorporating where employees live, work and play was at the project core, and theming for conference rooms highlighted the active “Colorado lifestyle” inherent to JLL’s culture. We used large graphics and dimensional components throughout the space, and integrated pops of JLL’s flagship red subtly reinforced brand identity.

Project insights

For our rock climbing theme in one of our conference rooms, we created an optical illusion using specific imagery and placement. To achieve this we depicted a life-sized climber with actual climbing rope affixed to the wall with carabiners. As a fun talking point, we attached climbing holds on the far left wall of the conference room.

JoJo’s project pride

My favorite part of JLL is how real, dimensional materials were integrated with the 2D graphics to create something that felt larger than life and added a sense of wonder and texture. It was a really creative way to introduce brand color and maintain architectural aesthetic as well.

Kyle’s project pride

Living in Colorado, we get asked to design mountains all the time. I found a unique way to depict 14’ers by designing a wall grid of mountain peaks, depicting only the summit of each peak as a built line. As you get closer to the grid, a bit of an easter egg is waiting for you as the name and height is revealed.