Yes! Communities

Denver Tech Center, Denver, CO

Background: Yes! Communities is an organization that builds affordable manufactured housing in low income areas to provide safety and belonging in these communities. When updating their corporate headquarters, they wanted to infuse these same values into the workplace. 


Scope: The entire graphics scope included signage and wayfinding, glass graphics, and more than 10 feature elements to bring the brand to life, including the two described below. 


Unique + Notable: 

The timeline wall needed to fulfill three objectives: display company culture, milestones and achievements; reflect newly defined brand identity; and have flexibility to be easily updated. To satisfy these, we created a pegboard system with custom shelves and hangers to display memorabilia - quotes from residents, SWAG from annual conferences, data charts and awards. Flexibility is inherent in the design; items and events are not arranged in a traditional linear fashion and the entire wall can be easily deconstructed and rearranged. The system has a residential feel to reinforce “a sense of home” at the brand’s core. Vinyl is overlaid in brand colors to further reinforce company mission and identity!


The tagline “We Make it Work” reflects the team-oriented culture at Yes!. We sought to create a literal and interactive installation to reflect this philosophy; coupling the phrase with the brand’s gear icon was a perfect solution. The phrase is laid across 34 moveable gears of varying sizes, however, the wall is built in three sections to reinforce the team mentality; multiple people need to work in unison to solve the puzzle.